Bezruč‘s Opava

The festival Bezruč’s Opava is one of the oldest cultural festivals in the Czech Republic. Since 1958 this cultural event has carried the name of the most famous Opava native Vladimír Vašek (1867-1958) alias Petr Bezruč, who became famous especially for his poetry expressing social protest in the collection Slezské písně. The festival has undergone many changes and today it offers a wide variety of all art forms – literature, fine art, theatre, film, and music. Every year the festival pursues one theme, e.g. “Women in Art”, “Intersections and Parallels in the Contemporary Art”, “With Humour to the New Millennium”, “Opava in Europe, Europe in Opava”, “Czecho-Slovak Cultural Reciprocity”, “Honours and Praises”, “European Rainbow over a White Town”, “Myths and Legends”, “The Child in Us”, etc. Outstanding Czech, Slovak, and foreign artists perform at the festival, and special artistic projects created to the order of the festival form the program.