Parking in the conservation area is restricted, parking is only allowed in designated areas in town and is subject to charge. Parking in the suburbs is free of charge in the car parks or areas stipulated by traffic rules.

Paying for parking by text:  /cz/nabidka-temat/media/co-se-deje/parkovne-bude-mozne-nove-zaplatit-pomoci-sms.html


Parking House

There is a multi-storey car park in Osvoboditelů Square near the town centre. The capacity is 201 spaces, which are not only roofed, but also monitored by the town police security camera system. The car park, which is open 24/7, is ideal for anyone visiting the town centre.

Parking rates: 

The first 4 hours: 

5 CZK/hour

After 4 hours: 

10 CZK/hour 

Location: Osvoboditelů Square 433/8, Opava 

Underground Car Park OC Breda&Weinstein 

Another car park near the town centre is the underground car park in the shopping and community centre Breda&Weinstein. The car park, which is accessible from Pivovarská and Nákladní Street, is open during business hours. 

Parking rates: 

The first 3 hours: 

free of charge 

After 3 hours: 

20 CZK/hour 

Weekends and bank holidays: 

free of charge 


On-street Parking (over 50 cars) 

There are two paid car parks with more than 50 parking spaces in the centre. The parking fee is paid from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 and on Saturdy from 8.00 to 14.00.

The car park in Masařská Street (Holubí, Masařská, and Lazebnická courtyard) is the closest to the town centre, which makes it the busiest car park in town. The minimum fee is 10 CZK for 30 minutes, standard parking fee is 20 CZK per hour. (49°56’17.179"N, 17°54’16.833"E) 

The car park in Svobody Square is situated on the other side of the historical centre than the multi-storey car park. The parking fee is 10 CZK per hour. The parking fee outside opening hours is a flat rate of 2 CZK (to cover the parking ticket costs).

On-street Parking (under 50 cars) 

There are small car parks in the streets Masařská, Masarykova třída, Popská, Rybí trh, Čapkova, Kolářská, Na Valech, Solná, Zámecký okruh, and Pivovarská. The parking fee 20 CZK per hour (10 CZK per hour in the streets Zámecký okruh and Pivovarská) is paid on weekdays from 8.00 to 14.00 and on Saturdays from 8.00 to 14.00.  Outside the aforementioned times the parking is free of charge.

Parking in the car parks at Petr Bezruč Library and on the premises of the Municipal Authority of Opava in Krnovská street is possible only with a parking disc. The parking discs can be purchased in TIC Opava.