Who we are and what we are offering

Since 2003 the Tourist Information Centre Opava has been an official tourist information centre certified by the Czech central office for tourism CzechTourism and the Association of Tourist Information Centres A.T.I.C ČR. The main activity of the centre is to provide tourist information about the town and its surroundings. The TIC Opava is a part of the Mayor’s Office Department at the Municipal Authority of Opava.

We provide information about:

  • tourist attractions in Opava
  • cultural centres and programmes of events
  • restaurants and accommodation
  • travel connections
  • recreational attractions in the tourist area Opavské Slezsko (Opavian Silesia)
  • hiking and cycling in town and its surroundings
  • cultural events in town and its surroundings
  • services in town

Complementary services:

  • selling maps and guides
  • selling souvenirs with town motives
  • selling tickets for cultural and sports events
  • copy services (formats A3 and A4, black and white prints)
  • admission to the city tower Hláska
  • guide services