Bezruč’s Opava

Every September Opava comes alive with a multigenre cultural festival, one of the oldest festivals in the Czech Republic. Every year the festival revolves around one theme featuring films, theatre and music performances, exhibitions of fine art, literary readings, lectures, and happenings on the given topic. Outstanding Czech as well as foreign artists perform at the festival. Bezruč’s Opava also inspires local artistic talents to take part in the festival.

 „One of the oldest festivals in the Czech Republic.“

Since 1958 this cultural event has carried the name of the most eminent of the Opava natives Vladimír Vašek (1867–1958) alias Petr Bezruč, who became famous especially for his poems expressing social protest in his collection of poems Silesian Songs. The festival has undergone many changes and today it offers a wide variety of all art forms. Every year the festival pursues one theme (e.g. Women in Art, Opava in Europe – Europe in Opava, World in Theatre, The Child in Us, Myths and Legends, Love – A Never-ending Story, Inner and Outer Worlds, The Truth Prevails! (At Times It Scares), Czechoslovak Cultural Inspiration, Art and Liberty).

 „Indian summer of culture in Opava.“

The festival features outstanding Czech, Slovak, and foreign artists. An integral part of the festival are programmes prepared by Opava cultural organizations, art schools, and individuals. The festival theme often serves as an inspiration for custom-made art projects. Bezruč’s Opava includes an international folklore exhibition Chodníčky k domovu (Pathways to Home).

 „Festival of all art forms.“

Every September the festival Bezruč’s Opava fills the city with culture.

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Bezruč’s Opava is organized by the Statutory Town of Opava.
Dramaturge of city cultural events: Mgr. Petr Rotrekl
Tel.: +420 553 756 306, +420 604 229 363