ELIO Slezsko, a. s.

Trading company with a minority stake held by Opava

Address:      Holasovice 202, 747 74 Holasovice
Telephone:  +420 553 665 384
E-mail:         elio@mariuspedersen.cz
Website:      www.mariuspedersen.cz
Info:              ELIO Slezsko is a part of the company Marius Pedersen specializing in waste collection, storage and disposal, maintenance of public space, and development of waste treatment and waste recovery technologies. ELIO Slezsko operates the landfill in Holasovice near Opava. The company is a part of a multinational group Veolia that operates in more than 40 countries around the world.


Koordinátor ODIS, s. r. o.

Trading company with a minority stake held by Opava

Director:       Ing. Aleš Stejskal, Ing. Jan Dvořák
Address:      Na Hradbách 1440/16, 702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
Telephone:  +420 596 116 308
E-mail:         info@kodis.cz
Website:      www.kodis.cz
Info:              The company administers the Moravian-Silesian Region integrated transport system. Its main job is to register and distribute sales among carriers, coordinate services and timetables, and prepare documents to ensure transport services.


Městské lesy Opava, p. o. (Opava Forests)

State-funded organization

Director:       Ing. Radomír Drašák​
Address:      Skřipov 110, 747 45 Skřipov u Opavy
Telephone:  +420 553 781 185
E-mail:         drasak@mlopava.cz
Website:      www.mestskelesyopava.cz
Info:              Opava Forests is an independent state-funded organization with a legal personality and accountability. The organization manages the area of 2,247 hectares, of which 2,162 hectares are woodland.


Seniorcentrum Opava, p. o. (Senior Centre Opava)

State-funded organization

Director:       Ing. Radim Křupala
Address:      Rolnická 24, 746 01 Opava
Telephone:  +420 553 780 060
E-mail:         seniorcentrum.opava@seznam.cz
Website:      www.scopava.cz
Info:              Senior Centre Opava provides complex services for the senior citizens in Opava. The organization operates three care homes with 144 flats. Apart from accommodation, the organization also provides community care services, lunch deliveries, and organizes leisure activities in the senior club.


Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava, a. s.
(North Moravian Water Mains and Sewage System Ostrava)

Trading company with a minority stake held by Opava

Address:      28. října 169, 709 45 Ostrava
Telephone:  +420 596 697 111
E-mail:         smvak@smvak.cz
Website:      www.smvak.cz
Info:              The company SmVaK Ostrava supplies drinking water to the Moravian-Silesian Region and is responsible for sewage collection and wastewater treatment.


Středisko volného času Opava, p. o. (Leisure Centre Opava)

State-funded organization

Director:     Mgr. Soňa Wenzelová, DiS.
Address:     Jaselská 4, 746 01 Opava
Telephone:  +420 553 712 100, +420 731 073 077
E-mail:        info@svcopava.cz
Website:     www.svcopava.cz
Info:             The centre is the only state school facility for leisure activities in the city. Leisure Centre offers children of all ages a wide variety of ways to spend their free time.


Technické služby Opava, s. r. o. (Technical Services Opava)

Trading company with a majority stake held by Opava

Director:      Ing. Jan Hazucha
Address:     Těšínská 71, 746 01 Opava
Telephone:  +420 553 759 111
E-mail:         ts.opava@tsopava.cz
Website:      www.tsopava.cz
Info:              The company Technical Services Opava is responsible for cleaning the city, maintenance of greenery, and waste collection. The services also manage eight cemeteries, an indoor and outdoor swimming pools, football stadium, ice rink, and Tyrš Athletics Stadium.