Professional sport

There are many professional sports clubs in Opava. The football club Slezan FC boasts the longest tradition, the basketball club BK Opava is currently playing in the National Basketball League – Mattoni NBL.


Slezský fotbalový klub Opava, a. s. (Silesian Football Club)

Trading company with a majority stake held by Opava

Director:       Jaroslav Rovňan
Address:      Lipová 105/2, 746 01 Opava
Telephone:  +420 553 616 393
Info:              Professional football club was founded in Opava in 1907. In addition to the 1st league men’s team, the club also manages youth teams. Among the greatest achievements of the club belong the 6th place in the Czech First League and participation in the UEFA Interoto Cup. The club is owned by Opava and is formed by an A-team and a number of youth teams. Youth football is currently one of the club’s priorities. The City Football Stadium in the city park boasts the capacity of 7,758 seats. Matches are widely attended and the fan choreography is renowned well beyond the city limits.


Basketbalový klub Opava a. s. (Basketball Club Opava)

Trading company with a majority stake held by Opava

Director:       Kamil Vajda
Address:      Žižkova 2904/8, 747 07 Opava-Předměstí
Telephone:  +420 776 888 558
Info:              The Opava basketball club was established in 1945. Until 1995 lower league basketball was played in Opava. In 1995/1996 the club entered the National Basketball league and ended the season by winning the league and the Czech Cup. BK Opava then won the league title three more times, placed third in 1998/1999, and then won two silver medals in the consecutive years. In 2004/2005 the team was relegated to the second league, where it won a bronze, silver and gold medal. In 2008/2009 the team worked its way back in the first league. It was only in 2013/2014 when they managed to place third after losing against the favoured BK Nymburk.

Opava basketball is renowned for working with the youth and cooperating with eight elementary schools in Opava. This systematic work has resulted in a championship title for young pupils.

The home stadium of BK Opava is a basketball hall close do the city park. The hall seats 3,006 spectators. In addition to basketball, the hall is also used for volleyball matches, fairs, concerts, dance performances, and other sports events. The multi-purpose hall includes Wellness Hotel Opava.


Hokejový klub Opava, s. r.o. (Hockey Club  Opava)

Trading company with a majority stake held by Opava

Director:       Dalibor Bárta​​
Address:      Zámecký okruh 413/8, 746 01 Opava
Telephone:  +420 778 022 376
Info:              The beginnings of hockey in Opava dates back to 1931, when the local club Troppauer EV won a title in the German Hockey Association and competed against Prague LTC, the Czech Hockey Association champion. HC Slezan Opava was established in 1945. In 1951 the club entered the first league where it remained until 1996. Three years later the owner sold the extra-league licence to Havířov. The team is currently playing the second league.

Hokejový klub Opava s.r.o. is managed by the club HC Slezan Opava. The club has 202 members in eight children and youth categories. The men’s team is playing the second national league. The women’s team is playing the regional competition. In 2018 the club celebrated 110th anniversary. The home stadium of the Opava hockey club is the city ice arena that seats 5,500 spectators.