Další břehy (Other Shores)

April in Opava belongs to the cultural festival Other Shores. Every year the festival explores a different inventive and relevant topic by means of all artistic genres. Over thirty events include theatre performances, films, concerts, literary readings, or fine art exhibitions, but also special art projects linked to the theme of the festival. The programme features national and foreign artists as well as local creative projects.

 „A festival of creativity, searching and discovering.“

The festival Other Shores was created in 1997 by two friends who used to work together in the radio – Jan Němeček and Petr Rotrekl. It is a multigenre festival whose main objective is to search for inspiration, creativity and playfulness, and look for new ways of communication through art. The festival’s target groups are secondary school students and university students, as well as all nonconformist art lovers. The main objective of the festival is to not only bring fine artists to Opava and introduce noteworthy art programmes, but to also awaken “the local” creativity and inspire new art projects and creations.

„The best of Opava artists and interesting guests.“

This monothematic festival focuses on topics which are attractive, multilayered, and ambiguous enough so that they introduce unexpected contexts, offer new views on known facts, and take the visitors by surprise with new interpretations of seemingly familiar realities. The festival topics must inspire not only the organizers, but also the visitors (e.g. Bohumil Hrabal’s Palaverers, William Shakespeare’s Universes, Angels‘ Landscapes, Antiquity in You, Venice – The City where Lions Fly and Pigeons Walk, Indians in the City, 5000 years of Secrets and Miracles of the Jewish Culture, Ways of Happiness).

 „A festival of all art forms.“

For more than twenty years in April in the hopeful atmosphere of the upcoming spring, the festival has been offering three dozens of programmes that call on those interested to embark on an exploratory artistic voyage to the Other Shores.

May the wind be favourable, the ship strong, and the waters merciful.

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You can watch a video about the history of the festival here.


Other Shores is organized by the Statutory Town of Opava.
Dramaturge of city cultural events: Mgr. Petr Rotrekl
Tel.: +420 553 756 306, +420 604 229 363
E-mail: petr.rotrekl@opava-city.cz