Sports facilities

There are many places in Opava where you can spend your free time enjoying a variety sports. There are an indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ice rink, bike and inline skating trails, etc. in the city. Below you will find a list of activities that are either free of charge or at least partially financed by the city.

Outdoor swimming pool

The outdoor swimming pool is in the vicinity of the city park. The site can accommodate up to 3 thousand visitors who can enjoy the swimming pool that is divided into a swimmer non-swimmer section, a children’s paddling pool, two water slides, a petanque area, two beach volleyball courts, and a children’s playground. The water in the swimming pool is heated since the reconstruction in 2007.

Indoor swimming pool

The city spa located in the city centre offers a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and also pedicure and massages.

Disc golf

In 2013 a 9-hole disc golf course was established near Stříbrné jezero (Silver Lake). Disc golf is a popular sport that combines throwing a flying disc at a target using rules similar to golf.

Inline skating trails

Fans of inline skating in Opava can choose from a number of skating trails in the city. In addition to a popular event Blade Nights Opava, during which skaters ride together on an approximately 12-kilometre route around the city, there are number of trails where they can skate any time. The most popular skating area in the city is the city park that offers three circuits with a special surface. The circuits are 1,685 m, 1,085 m and 620 m long. The 3,5 km trail along the River Opava from the city park to Malé Hoštice is also well-liked by the skaters.

Bike trails

Cyclists in Opava can ride on almost 22 km of bike trails. There are 16 different bike trails crossing the city, including a long-distance bike trail no. 55 known as the Silesian Arterial.


On the edge of the city park there is a concrete skatepark built in 2012 on the site of the original wooden one. The skatepark was built in cooperation with the skaters from Opava, who helped design the park. The concrete skatepark offers a variety of obstacles, including a U-ramp. The Opava skatepark is open to the public all year round.

Running trails

Opava is a great place for running. One of the most popular places for a run in Opava is the city park, in particular the bike trail that leads along the River Opava to the park. Those preferring unpaved surface can enjoy a run around Stříbrné jezero (Silver Lake).

Stříbrné jezero (Silver Lake)

Fans of natural swimming pools will appreciate Stříbrné jezero (Silver Lake), which lies just outside the city borders near the city park and was created by flooding a former gypsum mine. The lake is almost 600 m long, 200 m wide and 18 m deep and is a popular relaxation zone. The quality of water is regularly checked by the regional public health authority.

Mini golf

In the immediate vicinity of the outdoor swimming pool there is an 18-hole mini golf course. The course is open from May until the end of September.