Political Representation

City Management

On 20th October 2022, the Opava City Council elected Tomáš Navrátil as Mayor, Michal Kokošek as 1st Deputy Mayor, Pavel Meletzký and Vladimír Schreier as Deputy Mayors, and Petr Popadinec as a vacant councillor.



Ing. Tomáš Navrátil

Phone: +420 553 756 200
E-mail: primator@opava-city.cz

Mgr. Bc. Silvie Vltavská
Phone: +420 553 756 209
E-mail: silvie.vltavska@opava-city.cz

Sections in charge: External relations, tourism and foreign cooperation, finance, internal audit and control, investment preparation and implementation, architecture and urban planning including transport and technical infrastructure and settlement and landscape greenery. Cooperation with municipalities included.


1st Deputy Mayor

Ing. Michal Kokošek

Phone: +420 553 756 202
E-mail: michal.kokosek@opava-city.cz

Ing. Bc. Olga Ovčáčková
Phone: + 420 553 756 212 
E-mail:  olga.ovcackova@opava-city.cz

Sections in charge: Departments of property (including the company Opava city forests), social affairs (community plan) and crime prevention, sports for children, youth and adults, the Opava Hockey Club s.r.o. and the Opava Municipal Police.


Deputy Mayor

Ing. Pavel Meletzký, MBA

Phone: + +420 553 756 201
E-mail: pavel.meletzky@opava-city.cz


Bc. Martina Zaoralová, Dis.
Phone: + 420 553 756 211 
E-mail: martina.zaoralova@opava-city.cz


Deputy Mayor

Ing. Vladimír Schreier

Phone: +420 553 756 206
E-mail: vladimir.schreier@opava-city.cz


Jana Gawrecká
Tel.: + 420 553 756 208 
E-mail:  jana.gawrecka@opava-city.cz

Sections in charge: Technical services Opava, energy, education and crime prevention (including school catering and leisure centre), Basketball Club Opava, Silesian Football Club Opava


A released councillor

Bc. Petr Popadinec

Phone: +420 553 756 207
E-mail: petr.popadinec@opava-city.cz


Jana Gawrecká
Phone: + 420 553 756 208 
E-mail: jana.gawrecka@opava-city.cz

Sections in charge: Transport, municipal transport enterprise Opava, construction (including spatial planning), environment